Cloud Platform

Alltrons has developed a toolset which allows customers to more effectively manage and operate their connected resources. With Alltrons Cloud, clients can automate the  collection, storage, processing, and reporting of their data.

Data can be collected from anywhere; Devices can connect to the cloud environment through MQTT brokers, direct video streams, TCP/UDP connections, our REST API, and other custom protocols.

All data can be stored in different methods. Several examples are relational databases, and timeseries databases, and block storage.

Our cloud software is currently being used to process raw text, images, live video streams, and other sensory data coming from GPS trackers, temperature/humidity sensors, and the likes. Processing can mean anything from data conversion to running complex AI models on live datastreams. Our platform uses (Docker) containers, to make sure your project is highly scalable and never limited to the processing power of a single server.

Reporting is done using graphs, external API calls and automated e-mails or push notifications to your mobile app sent from our system. Custom views such as showing maps with your GPS 


1. Collecting

We collect dat from your (IoT) device/machine

2. Storing

Collected data is stored using appropriate database technologies.

3. Processing

We process your data with simple transformations or complex AI algorithms.

4. Reporting

Create dashboards, send e-mails/notifications, or make custom API calls after processing is done.



IoT Sensor Network

In case you have a sensor network consisting of a a range of devices which are all connected to the internet, we are likely able to connect them to our system to collect data. We have pre-built applications using MQTT, REST, LoRa and other communication methods. If needed, we can even accomodate your device by making a custom integration.

Device management

Some devices allow to send configurations over the air or to push new firmware upgrades. If you have only one or two devices, this can easily be done manually. However, if you have many devices, this can be a cumbersome task. Our cloud application allows you to easily manage many devices simultaneously using bulk operations.

Automated scalability

Most algorithms which run asynchronically are deployed in docker containers. This means that your processing power will never be limited to a single instance or server. For example, you run a pilot project and want to roll out to your production environment with exponentially more data, our software can handle the growth.

Complex data processing

Alltrons Cloud has been used both for both simple and complex detection and classification algorithms. After the dataflow of your project has been defined, it's possible to scale the required resources dynamically for your project. If you can provide the processing algorithms, it does not matter which type of data we have to process or store.


Weekly reports

Our software can be used to send your dashboard data in a periodical report. If you want to know if all your IoT devices are operational at the beginning of your workday or if you would like to know the general statistics of your business operations at the end of a week, we can make this happen.

Event notifications

We can also send direct notifications for special events, such as an IoT device going offline or when data shows an anomaly or extreme value.

In case you have an iOS or Android app, we can also integrate our notification service with your app to generate push notifications for any sort of events or anomalies arising from processing your data.

Model training

Label studio is integrated into our cloud environment. This means that you can directly label data coming from your devices to improve your AI models. After annotating several samples from your dataset, it is possible to enable assisted training. This means the computer algorithm continuously improves based on your input and that it helps by annotating data for you. This reduces training time and allows you to test and validate the algorithm at a much higher pace.

Edge computing

Some features allow the use of an external computing device. For instance, our software allows trained AI models to run on edge devices. If bandwidth or connectivity in general is a challange due to a technical or other reasons, your model can be transferred to a local device or other edge device. We also provide the service of developing a task specific sensor system with over-the-air (OTA) AI model updating features and a low-bandwidth communication protocol.


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