Analog Development Kit


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This analog development kit allows users to experience the world of analog key switches. At the same time, it provides a development environment for people to modify the tweak our analog sensor technology.

This keypad comes with 8 programmable switches and can be configured with our macropad configurator. To look deeper in the functionalities of analog key switches, we invite you to check out our Github page.

  • Easy-to-use configurator

    Our Windows and Mac OS application is easy. You only need to use your computer mouse! Configurator details >

  • 8 Programmable Analog Switches

    All Cherry MX keyswitches are programmable and come with our analog sensor technology for any purpose with a total of 15 configurable layers.

  • Keycaps and travel pouch included

    This device comes with both keycaps and a travel pouch to take it wherever you go.

  • 100% open-source firmware

    This device runs on QMK. It's 100% open-source and allows you to add new features! QMK Firmware details >

  • Embedded audio buzzer

    Inside this device you will find an audio buzzer, which can be programmed to make sound at different tones. (You need to write software in C for this feature!)


Analog Keyboard Technology


We developed a new technology that allows keyboards to read out analog data from keyswitches using an inductive sensor. Read more at our analog keyboard technology page.

Software Configurator


Would you like to try out our software? You can! Visit and create an account to configure a Knops Mini. If you would like to know more about this configurator tool, visit the page below.

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